Forestry Services

The Forestry Programme 2014-2020 for Ireland outlines a range of measures to promote Forestry to landowners over the 5-year period. The Programme outlines the range of grants and measures available to both new and existing forest owners.  At Dermot Casey Tree Care we provide a broad range of forestry services include Initial Forest Assessment, Forest thinning and Clear-felling and Timber Valuation, Sales and Marketing Services. We can provide information on the current range of grants available for the new Afforestation and other Schemes.


For Forest Plantation owners, we will carry out an initial crop inspection and assessment of your plantation to determine its condition, performance, yield class and suitability for thinning.

Plantations as they mature and develop require thinning and ultimately clearfell at maturity.  Thinning of a conifer crop is usually carried out from 15 years onwards depending on the performance of the crop. Our trained Foresters will determine if your crop is suitable for thinning.

We provide a full marketing service for the sale of your timber. We will ensure that your timber is marketed to key customers and best prices are achieved.