Since our establishment in 1972, Dermot Casey Tree Care has built up relationships with numerous businesses throughout Ireland. This work covers all aspects or Tree Surgery such as : Site Clearance, Motorway Maintenance, Railway Management, Hedge Cutting, Utility Line Clearance and our 24Hr Emergency Call-Out Service.  At Dermot Casey Tree Care we strive to keep every business running as smoothly as possible and to ensure that trees do not become an issue for your company. To this end, our Sales Staff are always happy to provide advice and guidance on the care and management for your trees.

At Dermot Casey Treecare we carry out site clearance works. Our specialist machine can be used in a wide range of applications such as clearing sites with timber and thick vegetation, beneath high tension power lines and difficult terrain.

Although a last resort to any home or property owner, our tree surgeons are highly skilled in the felling and removal of hazardous trees. We offer a variety to Tree Services nationwide.

As trees grow, they need direction. This may be in the form of pruning, thinning or shaping. At Dermot Casey, we specialize in the removal of hazardous trees along public roadways, development and industrial sites, graveyards, school playgrounds and other commercial properties.


Roadside trees can often become problematic as they grow and development. During stormy weather failures can occur and this can lead to trees falling onto the roadways causing traffic restrictions, injury or sometimes death.

Hedgerows play an important role in our landscape and provide valuable habitats for birds and wildlife during the nesting season and winter months. These hedgerows often adjacent to roadway verges require regular trimming back to improve sightlines and improve visibility.

Dermot Casey Tree Care are the leading provider of utility live line clearance services and carries out large scale contracts throughout Ireland. Working on behalf of electricity network distribution operators, we enable these operators to provide a reliable and ongoing service to their customers.

Despite the best efforts of tree maintenance programs, no one can predict the type of damage caused by hurricane winds, heavy snows or other types on inclement weather conditions. Dermot Casey Tree Care offer a complete emergency call-out service. We have response teams on standby during the winter months to respond quickly and provide a fast efficient service.