24 Hour Emergency Works

Fallen, uprooted trees or even broken limbs pose an immediate risk to your family, your property and the general public. Dangerous tree situations present themselves in all seasons but particularly during or after stormy weather. You may be tempted to tackle these situations yourself but with hidden dangers such as electrical lines damaged trees pose the greatest danger of falling causing severe damage to property and people. For this reason, Dermot Casey tree care offers a 24hr emergency service on both a residential and commercial level to any dangerous tree situation.
Our highly trained, knowledgeable and skilled crews can remove in a safe and controlled manner all tree hazards. We at Dermot Casey tree care are fully insured and are equipped to handle any tree care emergency with a variety of specialised machinery.
Safety is paramount at Dermot Casey Tree Care. If you suspect a tree has become unsafe or fallen please contact us right away on 02221854 24hr emergency services for a timely and reliable response reducing further risk to property and public.