Bio/Green Waste

Dermot Casey Tree Care has the necessary specialist machinery including Our wood chippers and munchers that recycles the resultant branch debris into mulch suitable for a wide variety of uses.


We generate substantial amounts of material.  Trees and branches that are cut down are chipped .  The wood chip is then taken to our many depos is then taken to be processed for bio-fuel. We then supply many of the PowerStation’s to produce energy.

Over the years many farmer have been using the wood chip as a alternative to straw bedding. they report that it is easier to maintain and lasts longer, Farmers also say that cattle are much cleaner and in better condition when they use this method. It can also be used for bedding in the field as well as indoors.

We also supply the mulch / wood chip to homes and business for deaerating there flowerbeds and gardens. Wood chip will outlast bark mulch by years and will not blow around as it is much heaver then bark mulch making it a cleaner option.