Hedge Cutting

With over 30 year’s experience in residential and commercial hedge maintenance you can rely on Dermot Casey Treecare to carry out your hedge trimming, whilst taking your instructions into consideration.


Neatly maintained hedges are an important feature of any landscape and help delineate boundaries between adjoining dwellings. Cutting any hedge regularly will ensure its shape and desired height is maintained. Our temperate climate with high rainfall leads to high incremental growth rates. Hedges can also become problematic, often leading to disputes between adjoining homeowners. Species such as C. x Leylandii and other fast growing species require regular trimming to curb height and lateral spread.  Hedge Trimming sensitively can maintain them in a manageable shape and size while avoiding nuisance and other site problems.

We have specialist  tools to cater for all types of hedges and their locations including sites where access is difficult. Our machinery includes specialist hoists, pole saws and hedge trimmers. All branchwood is chipped and mulched and removed off site for recycling purposes. Contact us for more details about our hedge cutting and pruning services.


Commercial Hedgecutting

Hedgerows play an important role in our landscape and provide valuable habitats for birds and wildlife during the nesting season and winter months. The most common tree species within our hedgerows are whitethorn and blackthorn intermingled with fast growing native trees of Ash, Oak and other species.

These hedgerows often adjacent to roadway verges require regular trimming back to improve sightlines and improve visibility.  We also provide a “Boxing Out” service for access for high loads or for road resurfacing works.  As part of this process, we can crown raise road side hedgerow and trees, whilst chipping all arising brash where required.

We have the full range of equipment including Tractor mounted flail, Tractor mounted circular saws and Felling heads and excavator mounted tree shears.  The use of large chippers to dispose of branchwood where necessary provides a clean and environmentally friendly way of disposing of the resulting branch wood.