Traffic Management

Ensuring Safety through Effective Traffic Management at Dermot Casey Tree Care

Roadside trees and vegetation can pose significant problems, especially during stormy weather. At Dermot Casey Tree Care, we understand the importance of proper traffic management to ensure the safety of road users and our contractors during tree care works.

What is Traffic Management?

Traffic management refers to a set of procedures designed to ensure the safety of workers and road users during works on roads. We use a traffic control plans, signage, and cones in compliance with Chapter 8 legislation from 2019.

Different Types of Traffic Control

Traffic management varies based on the type of road being worked on. At night-time, temporary traffic lights may be used. Limited road space may necessitate a lane closure and Stop/Go operation. Dual carriageways and motorways may require long tapers leading to a lane closure, removing the overtaking lane with ample notice.

Why is Traffic control Important?

Proper traffic control is critical to prevent accidents, minimize delays and congestion, and ensure the safe and efficient guidance of motorists and pedestrians around the work area.

Dermot Casey Tree Care’s Traffic Management Teams

We have the necessary equipment, including cones and signage, vms signs and traffic lights plus pedestrian barriers. This is suitable conditions along motorways and footpaths.  Our specialist teams can provide the required traffic management plans and backup traffic control for local authorities, rail companies.


At Dermot Casey Tree Care, we prioritize safety and implement the necessary procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and the public. Contact us today for all your tree care needs, carried out safely and efficiently.

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