Commercial Tree Surgery

This is the removal branches from a tree using approved practises, to achieve a desired objective. Minor pruning should be carried out during the early years of a tree’s growth to establish the desired form and/or to correct defects or weaknesses that may affect structure in later life. Healthy trees will respond well to pruning. Pruning promotes growth and new development.

The practice removes old and decaying stems as well as diseased plants such as those infected with bacterial canker or other diseases. Wounds will heal over and the pruning work will stimulate new growth enabling the tree to achieve the desired shape and form. Our tree surgeons are fully trained to the carry out Tree Pruning on your trees to the most up to date specifications(inc BS3998:2010. We have the necessary equipment such as lightweight pruning saws when working within the tree crown to fully expandable pole saws for those out of reach limbs.