Dermot Casey Tree Care provides a comprehensive range of Consultancy and Tree Surveying Services throughout Ireland. We deliver quality and independent advice to both domestic and commercial customers.


Our range of services include:


We provide a complete Tree Surveying Service to a wide range of customers from private domestic homeowners to Local Authorities, State Boards and Commercial Organizations. Landowners have a duty of care to ensure that regular inspections are carried out to assess the condition of their trees.

Tree Risk assessment is the management of trees and the evaluation of risk. It is generally acceptable that it is impossible to maintain trees free of risk. Some level of risk must be accepted to experience the benefits that tree provide. Tree provide a wide variety of benefits to society, but as living organisms, they can naturally lose branches or fall. Our Tree Risk evaluation approach is governed by recognized and National and International standards

Our extensive background and experience in the climbing, pruning and managing trees combined with years of practical experience and technical knowledge enables us as formidable Tree Expert Services within the Group. We offer these services in a wide array of cases from Court claims to Planning and Development Site inquiries.