Tree Surveys

Tree Surveys
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We provide a complete Tree Surveys Service to a wide range of customers from private domestic homeowners to Local Authorities, State Boards and Commercial Organizations. Landowners have a duty of care to ensure that regular inspections are carried out to assess the condition of their trees. Our qualified staff and Certified Arborists will quickly evaluate and assess your site and provide you with a comprehensive and meaningful Survey.

Effectively Manage Urban Tree Populations

Tree Surveys can then be used to prepare a Programme of Tree Works, or help Planners in the decision-making process for site evaluation and development. We also provide professional services to Local Authorities and can assist in the management of Urban Tree Populations. We carry out surveys on development sites to the required standards as outlined in BS 5837: 2012 Trees in relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction – Recommendations and to best Arboricultural Standards and Practices.

In our assessment, the conditions of urban forests will be set as follows: A Tree that is good will show no apparent signs of decay, disease or physical damage to the trunk or limbs. Fair would be showing minor signs of disease and insect infestation and minor structural faults. If they are assessing as being poor they will show evidence of a general state of decline, exhibiting serious physical defects or major disease. What would be considered as a hazard would be evidence that the tree shows an immediate threat to public safety and will be acted on immediately. The major pros and cons will always be fully analysed and discussed boy our professionals before any major decisions are made.