Our Sales Staff are always happy to provide advice and guidance on the care and management for your trees. Trees give us enjoyment and play a major role in the quality of our everyday lives. Trees however can often cause problems because of the scale and size or proximity to buildings or other infrastructure. Pruning and other Tree Care techniques are often required to maintain trees in good shape and disease-free. Through careful pruning and other selective techniques, we strive to maintain your trees in a condition that will ensure their long-term vitality and sustainability for your enjoyment.

As trees grow, they need direction. This may be in the form of pruning, thinning or shaping. Specialised training and equipment as well as an “eye” for what really needs to be done, are the tools of the trade of our arborists.

Crown reduction is the pruning back of canopy of recognised growing points in order to reduce the overall size of the crown. It can also be carried out where unbalanced or out of shape crowns are rebalanced.

Although a last resort to any home or property owner, our tree surgeons are highly skilled in the felling and removal of hazardous trees. We offer a variety to Tree Services nationwide.


Professional Hedge Cutting

A hedge can vary from Leylandii around your house to a whitethorn hedgerow along the roadside. At Dermot Casey Treecare, we have the capacity to carry out maintenance of such hedgerows using either manual or mechanical means. We are experts when it comes to Hedge Cutting.

As a result of felling, the site will have a tree stump remaining. This can inhibit the possibility to install a lawn or bed over that area and may also cause a trip hazard if not removed. Using specialist equipment, we can grind the stump to below ground level, allowing you to use your garden as best possible.