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The crown treatment for any tree reduction will ultimately depend on the shape, condition and location of the tree and the desired objective. The following are the main type of crown treatments that we carry out:

Crown Cleaning: This is the selective and safe removal of all deadwood, broken and decayed limbs from the tree crown. Usually carried out to trees in high usage areas such as streetscapes, town parks, trees within domestic gardens and industrial site.

Crown Thinning: this is the select removal of live branches from the crown of the tree in order to reduce crown density and excessive crown weight. Carried out to trees with heavy crowns where failures are likely due to high winds. Trees with structural weaknesses may also require crown thinning to reduce load.

Crown raising: this is the removal of the lower branches usually to a specific height. Crown lifting can improve the overall development and appearance of the tree as well as the removal of lower branches causing an obstruction or obscuring sight lines.

Crown Tree Reduction:

This is a tree reduction of the height to control height and spread by making appropriate pruning cuts. Often restricted to specific species or specific situations, it reduces wind resistance and helps decrease windthrow or mechanical failure.